Change Your Actions to Get Desired Results

Sometimes we have to take a moment to ourselves. It is in these moments of self-solitude and reflection that we often experience self-discovery. Through prayer and stillness, so many things become clear. When we have clarity, it is our duty to push beyond our fears, self-doubts, family struggles, work dramas, relationship issues – all the things that handicap us and leave us residents of complacency. We have to remove ourselves from our "comfort zone" or "familiar place."

Remember, anything that is currently familiar to us was once foreign, and through trial and error became "familiar." We need to rely on the "essence of life," the faith that many of us claim to have; we have to conjure up the strength, muster up the courage and move in the direction that has been revealed. Otherwise, we end up like a hamster in a wheel ­– day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade without progression, yet wondering why we are tired and regretting that we've gotten older yet feeling unfulfilled.

I've found that after revelations, when I changed my actions, including business or personal relationships, I began getting different results. We must be reminded that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, yet expecting a different result. So, my BeGeorgeans, as a new season approaches, I'm pondering this question: What am I/what are you going to do differently to achieve the results that we want to achieve?