Ask Dr. Karen: Age Is Nothin’ But A Number

Dear Dr. Karen:

After years of dating, I finally met a woman I love very much and she feels the same about me. My concern is our age difference. I’m 46 and she is 28. I had no idea that she was that young. We were so taken by each other that we never thought about our ages. I will be meeting her parents soon and I’m wondering how they will react when they see me. I’m also beginning to wonder if she will have regrets later because she married an older man.

                                                                                                                 ~  Manther

Dear Manther:

You said you two were so taken that you never thought about your ages. So, why are you thinking about it now? The last time I checked, a woman who is 18 years and older is considered an adult. Being close in age is no predictor that a relationship will be successful. If there were a formula for a happy marriage, the divorce rate would be nonexistent. Remember, nothing in life is guaranteed. You have bigger fish to fry. Couples of any age should be addressing important issues such as finances, housing and raising children. You haven’t even bought the ring, yet you are concerned that your future wife might leave you because of age differences. Stop creating problems where there are none. Discuss your fears with your mate. It is important to let her know how you feel. As far as your future in-laws are concerned, refrain from counting broken eggs before they break. If you expect to be rejected or have a negative experience when you meet them, that’s what you will get. Be your charming self. That seemed to work in winning the heart of your girlfriend.

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