Is Your Relationship Sinking Like The Titanic? Part 1


Do you find yourself struggling to keep your relationship together? If so, it might be time for a relationship cleanse. Surely you have noticed how happy you are at the beginning of a relationship. Then the shine wears off as you and your partner go through the everyday grind and drudge of living and rearing a family. You may pay less attention to each other and forget what brought you together in the first place. If you don’t take time to repair your relationship and keep it afloat, over time it starts to sink like the Titanic.
There are many red flags that will alert you that your ship is off course. You just need to take your blindfold off and look around. Here are five signs that your relationship’s future might be drowning: 1. You and your partner don’t talk anymore; 2. Your needs (sexual and otherwise) are not being met; 3. Spending time together is a chore; 4. The good times have become the bad times; and 5. Sex has left the building.
Silence can be golden but not in a relationship. Remember how you used to stay up all night talking on the phone or texting? Now you barely speak to each other, you barely grumble “good morning,” and you seldom ask about your mate’s day. Ask yourself these important questions to find out if your communications skill need a little dusting off.

  • Am I speaking in a way that makes my partner want to listen?
  • Am I listening in a way that makes my partner want to speak?
  • Are we willing to share our thoughts with each other?
  • Would I be willing to ask for some feedback?
  • Are my non-verbal communications (eye contact, touch, body language) shutting down communications and closeness?

If you’ve stopped communicating, your ship just might be sinking.

LoveDr. Karen January