Met Gala: Kate Hudson gets BeGeorgeous approval!

You all know the renowned Met Gala that happens every May.... This Stella McCartney Asymmetrical one shouldered gown adorned by Kate Hudson gets the stamp of BeGeorgeous ❤️ approval for SLAAAAYING!!!!

The most AMAZING thing about this dress is that you can find a less expensive version (that looks just as great).

What's even greater is that it's a dress that can be altered into at least 3 completely looks...

  • You need an EXPERT Tailor!!!!!
  • Make sure that you select a color that you love to wear (you'll be wearing it a lot)
  • Accessories make all the difference... Chandelier, Stiletto, large costume or colored precious stoned earrings for a bold statement
  • No necklace or chokers ladies... That's just not cute with a neckline like this!!!
  • You can do a plethora of hairstyles... Straight, Curly, Wavy, Natural, Braids, long, short or in between... You can wear it up or down (whatever floats your boat)...
  • You can wear heels or jeweled flats...
  • Here are some suggestions of how you can get the bang for your buck out of one dress!!!!!

You've just been beGEORGEified ❤️

FashionGeorge Fuller