Fame, Fortune and Success! But What About Love?


The grass always appears to be greener on the other side – in your neighbor’s yard, on your friend’s job, or in someone else’s love life.  Some of my celebrity friends in particular can relate to this.
I've finally reached a place in my life where I'm totally comfortable being alone with myself. A few months ago, at the end of what I thought was a love affair, I was on the phone with a dear friend, telling her: "If this doesn't work... At 40, I'm officially done with this type of life pursuit.  I'm going to focus totally on continuing to build this life on my own, by myself.”
Reflecting on my youth, it's interesting how we sometimes model the behavior of our parents. As an only child reared in a single-parent household, I spent a lot of time alone or with extended family members because my mom had to work. I remember never feeling settled or totally secure in my own skin, and I had an attitude and smart mouth that was out of this world, or so my folks now tell me. Though infamous and considered a freak through my high school years, I was pretty much a loner. But I did have a handful of close friends who are still in my life.
I find it interesting but not surprising that I have chosen a service profession, for it has always brought me great joy to lift the spirits of other people. And contrary to how I might have appeared then, for many years I didn't feel good about myself and who I was. When it comes to people with big personalities and ample ability as well, it is assumed that our problems are minimal. It's my thought that we are better off finding peace, joy and solitude in being with ourselves.  Entertainment is one industry where people and their desire for normalcy often are misunderstood. Many are misused and often spend time alone when away from their adoring fans. They sometimes feel as though they are being punished for their accomplishments.
Unfortunately, people often see a facade and not the core human being. It seems that once you start to achieve the American Dream (money, power, respect), it's an automatic deterrent from what we're all here to do...LOVE!
And that often makes me ponder the question: Is achieving the American Dream really worth a lifetime of endless inauthentic romances?
I don’t think so.