Part 1: Jasmine Jordan on her Dad, Mom and Growing Up Jordan

Being the daughter of Michael Jordan foretells a wonderful life, though there are inherent challenges as well. But to Jasmine Jordan, youngest of three offspring born to the basketball legend and his first wife, Juanita, it is simply the foundation of a purposeful life. This young sports executive has the beauty, poise and stature of a supermodel, but also the levelheadedness and sense of purpose of a business professional. With a degree in sports management from Syracuse University, Jasmine is starting her career in the Charlotte Hornets Basketball Operations Department and is the inspiration for the Jordan Brand’s first line of sneakers for women. In Part I of this exclusive beGeorgeous interview, Jasmine talks about growing up Jordan, relationships with family members, and advice from her parents.  

BeGeorgeous: How was it growing up Jordan?

Jasmine: Growing up a Jordan is no different than how any other person grows up in their family when you subtract the fame and legacy that my father has built. At the end of the day, every day, I was raised with two loving and caring parents and had two older brothers by my side setting examples for me. I went to school, joined clubs and teams, had a social life, got in trouble, went to college, and now I am working full time. You name it and I did it! I live life as any typical person doing what is considered to be societal norms (i.e. getting an education, a job, having friends, etc.). The fame, fortune, legacy, and list of accomplishments are my father's. Those accolades don't define me nor are they mine to claim. My father is Michael Jordan. I am simply Jasmine Jordan. 

BeGeorgeous:  What is it like being the daughter of the basketball great Michael Jordan?

Jasmine: Being his daughter is no big deal to me. When people find out he is my dad, they automatically say, "you're so lucky" or "what's it like?" and I always say that it is what it is. People think that Michael Jordan is the greatest dad because he is a superstar athlete. My father is the greatest father because of how caring, loving, supportive, and genuine he is. It is not because of what he did on the court that makes him a great dad. What make him great are the core values that were instilled in him as a child by my grandmother and grandfather; and he has passed those values down to my brothers and me. It's exciting and amazing to be his daughter all the time, but it becomes extra special to be his daughter when people tell me that they can see him in me or I reflect similar characteristics because that means, as his daughter, I am doing him proud and representing him properly. 


BeGeorgeous:  What kind of relationship do you have with your father? With your mother? With your brothers?

Jasmine: I always say I am a daddy's girl, mom's best friend, and my brothers' keeper. With the addition of my twin sisters (by Jordan’s second wife), I am my father’s eldest daughter (and still his favorite!). Our bond is precious because of how open and honest we are with each other. I can talk to my father about anything and have no fear in the response I may receive because, whether it is positive or negative, it is coming from a loving place, and I can always accept that. 

My mom is my backbone, my rock, my role model, my everything. My relationship with her is something that can never be replaced or damaged because we are unbreakable. She is my best friend and the person I turn to for anything and everything in life. She is truthful, loving, warmhearted, real, and the epitome of class. She is everything I strive to be as a woman.

I know that as the baby growing up, my brothers were supposed to protect me, which they did; but I protected them more. My oldest brother Jeffrey was always the brains of our trio, while Marcus was the risk-taker growing up. Just imagine Jeffrey creating the plan to steal cookies from the kitchen, Marcus executing the plan, and me watching on guard. That is how we were and still are! Though the three of us live all over the U.S., Jeffrey in Portland, Oregon, and Marcus in Orlando, we always check in and stay in constant communication. At the drop of a dime, I am there for them and vice versa. 

BeGeorgeous: What advice has your mother and/or your father given you that helps guide you through life?

Jasmine: My mother is known for her "Juanita's Words of Wisdom" in my family. She is constantly telling me to live a life that makes me happy and to never allow anyone to interfere with what makes me happy. She always reminds me to live life at God’s pace and to allow everything to fall into place. My dad is constantly telling me to be myself. He always reminds me to never feel like I have to be something that I'm not, and to hell with anyone who doesn't like or love me for who I am. My parents consistently remind me that being true to myself and doing what makes me happy makes them happy.

Photos: Ernest Collins
Makeup: Tinaya Weems

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