Summer 2017 Trends

Last summer’s off-the-shoulder trend is still very much the thing. Every store window you pass is likely to feature some type of shoulder-baring shirt or dress. Summer 2017 also is all about bringing the early 2000’s back. Time to dig up those pale-lensed aviators, tube tops and denim skirts!

Light-wash denim is so in, whether in the form of overalls, skirts (mini or maxi), jumpsuits, or bustiers! And the more distressed the better.

My go-to jeans as of late are high-waist, light-wash mom jeans with a busted knee. They go with everything! I have worn these to work with loafers, a tee and blazer but also out on the town with a tube top and heels. These jeans are an absolute staple in my wardrobe. I could easily go away for a week and pack only these as bottoms.

When I mentioned a denim bustier, I wasn’t kidding. Recently I rocked a full on Canadian tuxedo featuring a tight midi denim skirt and a gingham corset layered over a tee shirt, with a denim jacket. Sounds like denim overload, but what can I say? Denim on denim is so in!

And I am so thankful that sneakers have become such a fashion statement. Growing up, I was constantly ogling my older cousin’s fancy shoes; I was never much of a sneaker girl. Now? I’m having a hard time transitioning from sneakers to sandals despite this heat wave! I have officially become a sneaker head. Whether it be the classic Air Force 1s, Converse, Vans or higher-end, embellished sneakers from Gucci, Balenciaga or Saint Laurent, make sure you have at least one classic, clean pair, one athletic pair, and one “fashion” sneaker. For summer, it’s totally acceptable to dress down a flowing, girly sundress with a pair of kicks. Or elevate a classic jean with a metallic pair of sneakers.

This summer is also about lots of bright colors and patterns. Neon is back! But of course, a White-Hot summer look is always a hot idea.

Xx D @bitchybitici