Hot and Cold Weather Vacations – and How to Pack

Although I’m a big proponent of packing light, there are certain trips that just require more equipment and heavier clothing! A ski getaway is one of them.

On Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, I went on a ski-trip with my girlfriends, and the amount of things stuffed into my car trunk was absurd! Think about it: four girls, four days and lots of big, fluffy winter gear. Luckily, for this trip, I was able to pack minimal beauty supplies as there was really no point in attempting a “look” while simultaneously freezing and sweating on a mountain. My outfit, however, was very much on point! I was going for a Mariah Carey-Aspen vibe, and thanks to my Top Shop jumpsuit, I definitely accomplished that.

If you’re not an avid skier or snowboarder and don’t own equipment (or don’t want to travel with it), ahead of time check if you can rent snow gear (goggles, coats, snow pants, etc.) from a local shop. Snow gear can be very pricey, but other than my $300 jumpsuit, I got everything on Amazon for fairly reasonable prices. I planned my trip well in advance and was able to find good online deals for renting equipment at the mountain.

The beauty of a trip like this is that you don’t necessarily need all the frills that most other vacations require. I didn’t bother to pack makeup (other than very basic concealer, lip balm, etc.) or any hair products and tools. When my friends and I went out one night to the local “club,” we were in jeans, turtlenecks, and snow boots – and we managed to have the BEST time ever! Not that your outfit determines whether you have a good time, but there is definitely something to say for having the bare minimal and feeling okay with that.

As I mentioned in a previous post “How to (Finally) Pack Light,” I used to come with a lot of baggage. Literally. it was never just me. It was, “Oh, look there’s Dorentina – and her massive suitcase. And her big duffel bag. And her purse.”  But something in me snapped one day. Maybe it was all of the moving around I have done. Maybe it was repeatedly playing Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady, or perhaps the yoga retreat that allowed me to reset my mind and realize what’s really important in life. Or maybe I finally just matured and got sick of lugging shit around! Regardless, I am so happy that I’m officially a recovering bag lady.

Enough about me. Let’s heat things up, shall we?

For a four-day beach vacation to the Turks & Caicos with temperatures in the 80s, I packed:

4 beach cover-ups (one that could be dressed up)

2 one-piece swimsuits

2 bikinis

1 denim cut-off shorts

1 denim skirt

1 jumpsuit

2 dinner dresses

1 pair pajamas

1 pair leggings

2 t-shirts

1 fluttery, cropped top to dress up or dress down

1 cropped, bohemian embellished tank top

1 pair of wedges

1 pair of flip-flops

1 pair of flat mules

1 set of gold hoop earrings

1 layered gold necklace

1 straw hat

Of course, I packed necessary though minimal cosmetics and beauty products, including sunscreen. On the plane I wore flip flops, sweat pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, denim jacket, and scarf. I used that sweatshirt and scarf whenever I got chilly in the hotel, and wore the same outfit on the flight back home.

Whether you are vacationing in the sun or snow, it is best to pack light and, when possible, travel in your more bulky clothing that will come in handy throughout your getaway. Only take cosmetics and beauty products that are necessary and sensible. By keeping your load light, you will enhance your travel experience and simplify your choices, leaving more time for a great getaway.

- XO D @bitchybitici