Part 2: Jasmine Jordan on Life Goals, Working with the Charlotte Hornets and Nike’s new Heiress line

Jasmine Jordan grew up in the world of basketball. In her world, one breathes, inhales and has basketball circulating through the veins. She proudly says “I am my father’s daughter,” and though she does not play basketball, she is the epitome of the phrase “ball is life.”  In this second of three exclusive beGeorgeous stories on the daughter of basketball legend Michael Jordan, Jasmine Jordan talks about taking risks, accepting failure, and making her own mark in life.

BG: What are your life goals?
Jasmine: My goals are to live a life filled with happiness and to never settle in any aspect of my life. I want to live a life with no fear in taking risks and accepting any failure as strength versus allowing it to define me. I want to live a life that allows me to constantly evolve as a woman. I have no specific routes that I am going to take to obtain this life because I feel as though when you become too specific with your goals you become too narrow-minded and could shut out great opportunities if it doesn't fit in the specific box you create. I'm not wandering aimlessly in the world, but I know myself and understand that living life doing only one thing is not how I will achieve happiness. Instead, I live my life with an open mind and heart, which will keep me growing, learning and evolving in this life.

BG: Is it difficult to make your own mark having such a famous father?
Jasmine:  No and yes. It is not difficult to make my own mark if I travel a path that is different from his, which I have done to a certain extent. I did not play basketball on any high school or collegiate level, which is step No. 1 to avoiding my father's path. The skills didn't come to me, and I am okay with that! However, I have a passion for sports just like my father, and I'm walking alongside his path. Though I never played the game of basketball, you can't take basketball out of my life and expect me to function. My generation jokes when saying the phrase "ball is life" in reference to someone who lives, breathes and sleeps basketball. For me, ball really is life. Making my own mark will take time, but as long as I continue to carry on my father's legacy while still living my life freely, my mark will be made.

BG: Is it true that you earned your degree at Syracuse University in three years? Why did you choose such an accelerated tract rather than the usual four years?
Jasmine: Yes, I graduated from Syracuse in three years. Honestly, my freshman year was brutal. Everyone knew who I was on campus and it made me feel uncomfortable at first. Essentially, I made the decision to fast tract my education to get out of school sooner so I wouldn't have to deal with people constantly watching me or talking about me on campus. It was the end of my freshman year when I realized that was never going to change. I am my father’s child, and with that will come gossip, false friendships and relationships, and the constant attention. It is unavoidable. Once I was able to accept that, I began to enjoy college and make real friends and connections with people who saw through my last name and wanted to get to know Jasmine.

BG:  What was your major? Why did you choose that area? Do you plan to earn any advanced degrees?
Jasmine: My major was in Sports Management and I chose that area so I could learn the business side of different professional industries. That essentially landed me my current job with the Charlotte Hornets in the Basketball Operations Department. I am contemplating going back to school to get an additional degree in Sports Psychology.

BG:  What do you do now with the Charlotte Hornets?
Jasmine: I am the Coordinator of Basketball Operations for the Charlotte Hornets. I work hand in hand in our scouting department as well as aid in any player related items.

BG: I understand that you are developing the first line of Jordan gym shoes designed exclusively for women. Please tell us about that.
Jasmine: Jordan brand has created several girls sneakers based on me and my personal style. Being the muse of several designs, like the Jordan Jasmine and the Heiress collection, has allowed me to reconnect with my second love, fashion. Jordan brand currently does not have a full blown women's line, so I am able to help create girls’ sneakers and have them extend the sizes to fit a women's 11 (9.5Y = 9.5 Men’s = 11 women’s). It has been a fun collaboration that Jordan brand has done and hopefully will continue to grow.

Photos: Ernest Collins
Makeup: Tinaya Weems

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