Part 3: Jasmine Jordan on Dating, Her Fashion Style, and Who She Really Is

Jasmine Jordan is determined to be her own woman, despite the strong public image of her father (legendary basketball pro and businessman Michael Jordan), and the world’s expectations. In this third and final exclusive beGeorgeous story, the Syracuse University graduate talks about her social life, clothing preferences and who she is as a woman.

BG:  Tell us about your social life? Are you dating?
I always say that I am wise beyond my years. My typical Friday or Saturday night is filled with wine, basketball or a movie, and my dog, Mila, snuggling on the couch. I am not a big party person and I do not enjoy going to the clubs. It's not my style. I am a big traveler so if I can hop on a plane and go somewhere for a weekend, week or month, then I am making that move.

I have a boyfriend; his name is Rakeem Christmas. He currently plays for the Indiana Pacers NBA Team. He was one of the first people I met on campus at Syracuse. He became my best friend during my time at Syracuse and after. We started dating during his rookie season and are happily together today.

BG:  What is your fashion style?
Jasmine: My fashion style is a little bit of everything. I am not a girly girl by any means, but I can rock a dress and some heels. However, you will NEVER catch me in pink! Being that I work in sports, I am constantly wearing leggings, sweats and Js, but occasionally I will spice it up with jeans and a flannel or cardigan. My go-to colors are black, grey, navy, beige and olive. Those are my "neutrals." I prefer dark or muted colors and only wear flannel or stripes when it comes to patterns. Simple yet classy, or sexy or edgy when I need to be. 

BG: How would you describe yourself?
Jasmine: If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be “bold” because I am who I am and will be who I am whether someone likes it or not. I am straightforward, funny, honest, and uncensored 24/7. I live for positive vibes and good times. I don't indulge in drama or negative energy, and I work conscientiously to keep anything or anyone like that out of my life. I am comfortable in my skin and nothing and no one can affect that.

BG: How would you describe yourself as a young woman?
Jasmine: I am a young woman that is true to her word. What I say whenever I say it will always be something I stand by. I am confident in who I am and have no fear in admitting when I'm wrong. I am independent, diligent and truthful. I'm strong minded and aggressive, which takes time to adjust to for those who are the opposite of me. I am constantly uplifting those around me and willing to help anyone who needs it. I thrive off of my strength and self-assurance in who I am, and that the person I am becoming is a person that is able to achieve anything.

Photos: Ernest Collins
Makeup: Tinaya Weems

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