The battle of the Bulge!!!!


What’s eating away at me?

Alright, ladies, I don't know about you, but it's certainly time for me to hit the reset button!!!!! At 40 and this point in life, I thought that I would've had things ALL figured out. Not the case! I figure that I better hit the reset button right NOW at nearly a 20-pound weight gain as opposed to where I've worked hard to come from!!! I'm feeling myself beginning to slip back into old habits. Chiiiiiiiiiile, I feasted on ice cream and bread this past week! I know that people SAY “moderation” but I know me. I'm ALL or nothing, so I'm a work in progress. Hold up. It’s time for an ABRUPT U TURN, before I, before you, go too far. It happens to the best of us with our emotions, either good or bad. We eat.

Woman weight loss diet concept.jpg

My challenge to me and some of you is to spend this week re-disciplining ourselves. Seek the assistance—provided you don't know—to help you become a healthier and a sleeker version of you. Whatever method you decide, make sure that it works for YOU! This is about YOU! It is not about what your girlfriends and the rest of the world is doing. When it comes to health, many people are doing the vegan thing. Personally speaking, being totally vegan doesn't work for me, which is why I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate a few vegan/raw food days into my week. For instance, maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday I can do raw foods. Maybe Tuesday  and Thursday I can do meat or poultry.

Whatever I decide upon, the goal is to be proactive! With winter on its way, many of us tend to nestle and pack on a few pounds with the upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays. Let's make the allotment for it RIGHT NOW!

We ALL know that we want to kick off the New Year with a New US. And for many women (actually most people, that means looking and feeling AAAAMAZEEE).

Well, what's your end game going to be? It's nearly the top of the last quarter of 2017. How will you end it and begin 2018? 


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