The Most Irresistible Sexy Quality You Possess

The sexiest thing about any person is their level of confidence. Think about it. Would you want to be with someone who isn’t comfortable in her own skin? How can you love someone else if you can’t love yourself?  People are drawn to others not based on their appearance, but rather the positive energy they exude. That’s right – good vibes are sexy and attractive! But many mistake certain habits or characteristics for a person’s confidence when in fact they indicate just the opposite. Below are some habits or traits that you may possess and sadly mistake for confidence:

Bragging and self-promotion
A truly confident person doesn’t need to brag or promote herself to the world. She only seeks the approval from people who really matter to her.  And that approval has nothing to do with what she has, but what she has to give.  Do you find yourself “doing it for the gram” or constantly checking your following and likes on social media? Do you have to spend a small fortune on clothes and makeup to feel good about yourself? Well, stop! This makes you look weak.

You won’t leave the house without makeup on
Who are you trying to fool? It doesn’t take a genius to know you weren’t born with smoky eyes or plum-colored lips. If you can’t bring yourself to leave the house every now and then without a fresh coat of paint on your face, then that shows you’re literally not comfortable in your own skin. Try saying this every time you look in the mirror at your fresh face: “This is what I look like. I am adorable. And I am enough.”


Making fun of people or complaining about them
Have you ever been around someone who constantly spews negativity and belittles other people? Someone who never has anything nice or positive to say? More often than not, they do this so they can feel and look better by comparison. And because they lack confidence and inner-happiness.  Confident people celebrate others and breed positivity. They don’t put people down and judge others. 

Easily offended
When you are often and easily offended by the words and actions of others, it shows that you lack confidence in yourself. People who are easily offended place way too much value on what others think of them. They misconstrue even the slightest remarks, lose composure and assume the worst. They dwell on such remarks because they believe them to be true when in fact they may be far from the truth. Don’t be offended what others say.

You don’t have a purpose
It’s easy to lack confidence if you feel you have no purpose.  You can’t find anything to be passionate about. You have a job, but not a career. You make materialistic possessions a priority instead of things that really matter, such as love, friendship, honesty, and making the world a better place and making others feel good about themselves. Try to find something that you love and make it your mission, your passion. You will be surprised at how quickly your confidence increases.

So there you have it, ladies!  If any of these no-confidence behaviors pertain to you, try to break them, change them.  Remember that loving yourself first and being kind to people will open the floodgates of your life for love and positivity. People will be drawn to the kind and confident woman you are.

BeautyWhitney Austin