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By George: Trophy Room

I've had the honor of seeing the original Trophy Room inside the Jordan Estate. Marcus Jordan's store feels similar to the experience of being in their home. It's filled with family portraits, life and you can feel that this is what he's most passionate about.

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How I became EMPOWERED to be!

My family... My village: It takes a village of love, courage, strength, faith, resilience, patience, understanding and forgiveness to raise a child. In order to be who you are, you have to know who you are. This is who I AM... Told in the words of my  personal village.

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Keep The Faith

When you come from a strong religious foundation as I have, oftentimes you can live a life (or be late bloomers) void of experiences that actually make us whole. By “whole,” I mean a life that is complete, and in my belief, faithful.

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